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Clevo PA71: A Detailed Review of the Gaming Laptop

clevo pa71

If you’re in the market for a powerful gaming laptop, the Clevo PA71 is worth your consideration. This device is packed full of features for gamers, including an excellent set of graphics and a powerful processor. In this detailed review, we will take you through all the important aspects of the Clevo PA71, from its design to its specs. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this laptop is right for you.

Clevo PA71 Overview

The Clevo PA71 is a 17-inch gaming laptop that features an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics. The laptop also has 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB of hard drive space, and a backlit keyboard. The PA71 weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 0.8 inches thick.

The Clevo PA71 is one of the more affordable gaming laptops on the market, making it a great option for budget-conscious buyers. The laptop’s hardware is well-balanced, featuring fast performance and good graphics capabilities. The keyboard is backlit and provides excellent illumination in low-light situations; this feature is especially handy for gamers who spend a lot of time working in dark corners or near black lights. The battery life on this laptop is also respectable, lasting up to eight hours while used primarily for gaming purposes. Overall, the Clevo PA71 is an excellent choice for budget-minded gamers who are looking for a high-quality gaming laptop that doesn’t break the bank

Hardware Specifications

1. Overall Design & Build Quality

The Clevo PA is a beautifully designed gaming laptop with an aluminum unibody and a backlit keyboard. It is fairly heavy for a gaming laptop at 4.7 pounds, but it has a solid build quality that feels durable. The lid hinges are very stiff, giving the impression that they will last long. The only downside to the build quality is the fact that the screen wobbles slightly when moved around, likely due to the relatively thin bezel surrounding it.

2. Display & Graphics

The Clevo PA features a beautiful 17.3-inch 1920×1080 display which offers great picture quality and brightness. The graphics card is an Nvidia GTX 1060 Max-Q with 6GB of GDDR5 memory which provides great performance for gaming, especially in newer games. The texture detail and graphical fidelity are very good, even on high settings in newer games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Forza Horizon 4. In older games like Skyrim and Witcher 3, the graphics are still playable at high settings on medium- to high-end graphics cards.

3. Keyboard & Trackpad

The keyboard is one of the best we’ve ever used in a gaming laptop – it’s incredibly comfortable to type on and feels sturdy under the
thumb. The trackpad is also excellent – smooth, responsive, and easy to use with two cursor buttons positioned centrally for ease of use. One small issue we

Display and Graphics

Clevo PA is one of the latest gaming laptops to hit the market. The laptop is designed with a detachable screen that makes it perfect for traveling and also has excellent graphics performance. Additionally, the laptop has a backlit keyboard and an anti-ghosting feature that ensures your strokes are always registered accurately.

Lenovo Legion Y520: A Detailed Review

The Lenovo Legion Y520 is one of the most popular gaming laptops on the market today. It features a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM for smooth gameplay. The laptop also comes with a 1TB hard drive for storing your games, music, and movies. The battery life on this model is excellent, lasting up to 10 hours on average. Finally, the laptop has a Full HD display that provides amazing graphics performance.

Operating System and Software

The Clevo PA is a powerful gaming laptop that offers high-end features for a low price. It comes bundled with Windows 10, which makes it easy to use and navigate. The Clevo PA has a very fast processor and 1920 x 1080 resolution display. It also has 6GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive. Overall, the Clevo PA is a great choice for gamers who are on a budget.

Audio and Speakers

The Clevo PA is packed with features that make it a great choice for gamers. The 15.6-inch display has a resolution of 1920×1080, meaning that images will look sharp and text will be easy to read. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics card offers plenty of power to take on the most challenging games. Not to mention, the Clevo PA comes equipped with Dolby Home Theater v4 software, which allows you to create virtual surround sound environments for your gaming sessions. Additionally, there are two 2W speakers located on either side of the laptop, providing decent sound quality for audio playback.

One downside of this laptop is its battery life. While it can last for about 3 hours in average use, intensive gaming can shorten that time significantly. Additionally, the battery isn’t replaceable, so if it dies early on in your ownership you’ll have to purchase a new one.

Battery and Charging

Clevo is a well-known laptop brand in the market. They are known for their high-quality gaming laptops. Recently, they have come up with the PA series laptops which are designed for gamers. In this article, we will be reviewing the Clevo PA6280 model.

The Clevo PA6280 is powered by an Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core processor and has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It also comes with a 512GB M.2 SSD and a 1TB 7200rpm hard drive. The graphics card on this laptop is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 which provides great performance for gaming. The battery life on this laptop is impressive as it can last up to 12 hours when used for moderate usage. Overall, the Clevo PA6280 is a great gaming laptop that would be perfect for anyone who wants high performance and long battery life.

User Experience

Clevo’s PA series offers up a compelling mixture of features, price, and performance. While it falls short of the best offerings from other brands in some areas, it is still an excellent choice if you are looking for a gaming laptop.

First and foremost, the Clevo PA is one of the most affordable gaming laptops on the market. The starting price for this model is just $1,099 which makes it a great option for those on a tight budget. Additionally, the PA comes equipped with all the features you need to enjoy your favorite games. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card which can handle most games at medium to high settings with ease. Finally, the 2-in-1 design allows you to use this laptop as both a desktop replacement and a portable gaming machine.

While the Clevo PA offers great value for your money, there are some areas where it falls short of more expensive alternatives. For example, it does not have as many ports as more expensive models do. Furthermore, its build quality could use improvement. However, overall these deficiencies are minor compared to other factors such as price and performance. If you are looking for an affordable gaming laptop that will be able to handle most games at medium or high settings, then the Clevo PA should definitely be at the top of your list.


The Clevo PA71 is a powerful gaming laptop that offers great performance and features at an unbelievable price. If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line laptop that can handle all of your gaming needs, the Clevo PA71 should definitely be on your list. With its GTX 1060 graphics card and impressive 15-inch display, this laptop will allow you to game to your heart’s content.

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