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Differences in business culture that led to Google’s withdrawal from Stadia What is the “preparedness” necessary for the game industry?kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo

kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo

 On September 29th (US time), Google announced that it will stop the cloud gaming service “kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo” (hereafter Stadia) in January 2023.

 At that point, many people involved in the game industry did not use the word “disappointing”, but “I knew it” and “I thought it would happen”.

 Stadia, which was announced in 2018 and started attracting a lot of attention the following year, failed to gain not only the support of users, but also the trust of the gaming industry.

 Why? Let’s consider it for a moment.

Stadia is a service commonly called “cloud gaming”. Cloud gaming itself is a concept that has existed since the late 1990s, and multiple platformers still exist today.

 The mechanism is simple. Instead of running the game on your local game machine or PC, run it on the server side and “operate remotely”. Since the device at hand is like receiving video distribution, it does not require particularly high performance.”kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo” It can also be used from a web browser. So you can play games with rich graphics even from your tablet or TV.

 As a result, it is said that “you can play without buying a game machine or gaming PC” and “you can play from anywhere as long as you have a sufficiently fast and stable connection”.

 Recently, there has been an increase in the appeal of the point that “it can go beyond the restrictions of platformers”. Due to legal issues, Epic Games’ “Fortnite” cannot be played directly on Apple’s platform, but via Microsoft’s “Xbox Cloud Gaming” and NVIDIA’s “GeForce Now”, Fortnite can be played on iPhone and Mac. It is playable.

 Stadia also has characteristics similar to other cloud gaming predecessors. However, on top of that, the paid plan “Stadia Pro” supports up to 4K video output, and provides a Wi-Fi connection type “dedicated controller that considers delay”, and is particular about quality. It seems like

 In other words, it can be said that Stadia has particularly strongly pushed out the part of cloud gaming that “you can play without buying a game machine”.”kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo”

“Aiming for core gamers” may not have been correct

 However, the author analyzes that the push itself is the reason why Stadia was not supported.

 Latency and instability are inherent in cloud gaming. The delay through the internet is only about 0.1 seconds, but depending on the content of the game, it may feel uncomfortable.

 Also, when the communication speed changes, the transfer rate for displaying the video also fluctuates. The same thing happens with video distribution, but unlike video distribution, in games, it is difficult to use “buffering” technology, which pre-reads the video and makes it difficult to see changes. As a result, communication instability appears more prominently.

 Of course, Stadia was developed with that in mind, and in my experience playing in the United States (for a short time), I don’t think the delays and instability were that fatal. It wasn’t inferior to other cloud gaming platforms, and perhaps even better in some ways.”kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo”

 On the other hand, it must be pointed out as a cold fact that “Even if you go that far, it’s not as comfortable as playing on the game console in front of you.” Gamers love comfort. That’s why game consoles and gaming PCs are so popular.

 Stadia Pro was $9.99/month. Some of those fees allow you to play without paying extra, some don’t. Game consoles and PCs make it easier to play, but the reality is that few gamers are willing to pay monthly.”kof mugen other kula vs nests kyo”

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