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kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood

Have you ever heard the term “trolling” often used in online games? “Trolling” is a word used for “nuisance” in online games and SNS. “kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood“What kind of behavior is included in “trolling behavior”? Here, we will introduce the meaning of “trolling”, how to use it, and behaviors that are disliked in games.

Recently, online games on smartphones, PCs, and game consoles have become quite popular among young people. With online games, you can easily play games with close friends or strangers while staying at home.

It’s an online game that you can easily play with anyone, but depending on how you play it, you can either help or annoy people.

The term “trolling” introduced this time is a word that is often used in such online games. Let’s check together what the words mean.

What is the meaning and origin of “trolling”?

First, let’s talk about the meaning and origin of “trolling”. Do you know what the word means?

Meaning of ‘trolling’

“Trolling” is a term that refers to “nuisance” “kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood” performed on the Internet or online games. For example, in SNS, it is used for the act of repeatedly posting malicious comments, and in online games, it is used for playing intentionally losing.

Basically, “trolling” is often used for actions that may cause trouble to “the majority” rather than “to a specific individual”.

Origin of “Trolling”

The origin of “trolling” is the monster “troll” that appears in Norse mythology. People who usually play games such as RPGs may have an image. These “trolls” are believed to be evil beings that live in forests and caves.

In Sweden, “pranksters” and “mischievous troublemakers” are sometimes called “trolls.” It is said that this “troublesome person” came to be called “troll”, and that same mischief came to be called “troll act”.

Do you hate ‘trolling’?

“Trolling” is basically a word used by the “victim”, not the “perpetrator”. Regardless of the degree of the behavior, it is used to condemn behavior that is perceived as “annoying”, “kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood” so it is not a very desirable behavior.

If you are told that you are a troll while playing an online game, we recommend that you change the way you play.

How to use “Trolling”?

Continuing on, how to use “trolling”. Let’s check together how “trolling” is actually used.

1: “My win rate went down because of trolling”

It is used when you do something that causes trouble to others, or when you intentionally try to win over someone else. Unless the person who has “trolled” is a friend, it is often used as a complaint.

2: “My account became unusable when I was trolling in an online game.”

Depending on the game, there is a function to “report” malicious players to the management. If you are reported to the management for “trolling”, you may be “banned” (account frozen) in the worst case.

If you are warned about “trolling behavior” by other players or management, please try to stop “trolling behavior” if you want to continue playing the game.

3: “What that person is doing is a troll act, isn’t it?” “No, that person seems to be a beginner, so it’s different.”

In online games, beginners’ play is sometimes misunderstood as “trolling”. If you are a beginner, you should use the word “noob,” which means “newcomer” or “beginner,” instead of “trolling,” which means “nuisance.”

Is there a group on YouTube named after ‘trolling’?

“BinTRoLL” is a group that distributes videos on YouTube.”kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood” In fact, this group name is one of the origins of “trolling”.

When “BinTRoLL” was formed, “BinTRoLL” was created by combining leader “Shiruko-san”‘s favorite sushi material “Bintoro” and member “Mintos”‘s favorite “troll act”. is.

Among the videos posted on YouTube, there are many that actually “troll” the members as a joke. If you’re wondering what kind of behavior constitutes “troll behavior,” please take a look at the video.

Besides “Trolling”? Disgusting behavior in games

“Trolling” is a word that expresses “nuisance” in online games and SNS. What kind of behavior is included in “trolling behavior”?

1: Chat rants

One form of “trolling” is sending chats with clear malicious intent. Recently, in addition to text chat, voice chat, which allows actual conversation, is also often used.

It’s very painful to be verbally abused directly. In addition to nuisance in the game, acts that hurt the player themselves are also “troll acts”.

2: Behavior of benefiting the enemy

“Beneficial action” literally means “an act that benefits the enemy”. For example, in a game in which players team up to fight, it refers to the act of intentionally leaving a fallen comrade unattended or telling the enemy the location of an ally.

3: cheat

“Cheating” is the act of illegally modifying game data or programs to make your character stronger or to make them move in ways that would normally be impossible. People who “cheat” are called “cheetahs”.

This “cheat” is a “criminal act”, unlike abusive language and beneficial behavior. There is an actual example where a man who created a tool that can “cheat” and published it on the Internet was arrested, so be sure not to “cheat”.

Other than “trolling”, what other terms are used in the game?

Finally, I would like to introduce terms other than “trolling” that are used in online games. Remembering this may help you when playing online games “kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood“.

1: strong positive

“Strong positive” is a word that refers to a “strong position”. It refers to a place or position that gives the player an advantage, such as a position where the enemy can be attacked unilaterally.


“VC” is an abbreviation for “Voice Chat”. As mentioned earlier, it refers to software and smartphone apps that allow multiple people to talk at the same time. It is often used in games where multiple players form a team.

3: Orbit

“Wrap” is to play the same game repeatedly. In addition to repeating the game itself, it can also be used to repeatedly play a single stage in order to obtain the items and training materials you want with the same save data.


“Trolling” is a word used for “nuisance” in online games and SNS. There is no problem if you do it as a joke to a close friend, but if you do it to a stranger, you may not be able to play the game or even get arrested.

When using online games and social media, it is important to follow the rules and try to make sure that everyone can enjoy using them.”kof mugen cruelty blood rose vs raisen.blood