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LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today 12-02-2023 Akshaya Lottery …

kerala lottery result today

Kerala Lottery Results Today 12-02-2023 Akshaya Lottery Result Today’s kerala lottery result today is the Akshaya lottery. All the details related to today’s Kerala lottery results are available here. So stay tuned with us for all the latest news and updates related to Kerala lottery results.

LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today 12-02-2023 Akshaya Lottery Draw

The Akshaya Lottery draw is scheduled to take place at 2:00 PM today. The jackpot for this draw is Rs. 200 crores. There are a total of 39 prizes in this draw and the first prize is a whopping Rs. 50 crore! Keep an eye out for the results live on Kerala Lottery’s website, as well as on the official channels of all participating lottery operators.

Kerala lottery results today 12.02.2023

The Akshaya Lottery draw held today at 09.00 PM is out with the jackpot amount of Rs 9,50,000/-. There is a total of 21 winning combinations and 1 consolation prize worth Rs 50,000/-. The lucky ticket holders can redeem their tickets till 05.03.2023 at the authorized Kerala lottery centers across the state.

Akshaya lottery result today 12.02.2023

Today’s Akshaya Lottery draw result is out. The jackpot winner this time is Shibu Tharoor from Kerala. He has won a whopping Rs 24 crore. Congratulations!

Sakshi Lottery draw schedule for today

The Sakshi Lottery draw schedule for today is as follows:

9.00 am: Sakshi Lottery 1st Prize Draw
11.00 am: Sakshi Lottery 2nd Prize Draw
1.00 pm: Sakshi Lottery 3rd Prize Draw

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